iTunes 9 and Surprise in Your iPod Shuffle

Last month I'm just get my new iPod Shuffle (the 4 gigs model with silver color painted on it), the new one as you know is very small and dont have any control button in the device's body... so we can control it by only using the remote control in the headdset... the minus is we can't use the so called high qualiy third party vendor headset in this shuffle... but the plus one is you can't be totally deaf when you're using it.....

The Surprise is comming to guessing what's next in your shuffle.... although you can (now you can... yes it's true) organized your playlist... you can be also make the iTunes 9 filling your empty space with song(s) inyour itunes Library by checking in this combo box :

So... if you choose playlist "All Songs" you are listening to the playlist that you are never-ever created, sometimes, especially in my country... we store too many mp3 files in hard drive and didn't have much time to listen to them all... well with this new iPod Shuffle and iTunes 9... you can listen the "Unknon" and "Unexpected" track :D

Sometimes you don't like surprisingly momment, and if that case happen, if you prefer to hear your must favorites songs in your shuffle, then just check the Recently Played and Top Rated Playlist to sync list in your Shuffle device sync music setting.