Update Your New Mac for Only US$9.95/IDR 119,000

If u buy a new Mac computers or XServe after June 8, 2009 you have an opportunity to buy more cheap upgrade DVD to Mac OSX 10.6 or known as Mac OSX Snow Leopard, for more information you can visit this url : http://www.apple.com/asia/macosx/uptodate/

There are so many benefits that you can achieved when you upgrade your OS to Snow Leopard, one of them are more efficient in CPU Utility, 64-bit OS Architecture, give you 7GB free space in your Machintosh HDD. Unfortunately this upgrade is only for intel Mac... there's no way for old PPC Mac user to using this new OS in their old MAC....

If u purchase your new Mac after June 8, 2009 you can buy the new Upgrade DVD for only US$9.95.... more information (once again) just visit :
The upgrade DVD will be shipped worldwide at 28 August 2009

Note that only Mac owner that do the purchasing from Apple Online Store and Apple Authorized Store are qualifying for this promotion, if you can't get this offer you can buy from Apple Store near You in September at the price for US$29.... But it's still cheap anyway.....