Is Mac Expensive???

When I'm recomending Mac computers to my friends, ussually they say that Mac computers is expensive and hard to use or Mac is not better than PC... But when we see the fact when you're using your computer not just for typing and want to do some more usable things, you should try Mac Computers.

Nowadays buying a new mac computers isn't expensive anymore... from the hardware specifications it can give you more advantages than other notebook... from my experience there are so many advantages from Macbook.

Currently I'm using macbook pro 13"
The advantage from using this macbook pro are :

1. LED Display
2. Motion Sensor for HDD safety, it can help extend your HDD Life and prevent bad blocks in your HDD.
3. Backlit keyboard
4. They have great and nice cooling systems, each enclosure have their individual temp sensors.
5. Unibody and alumunium exterior, it's a good looking machine and have a good heat management system.
6. Multi touch gesture track-pad, up to four finger.

Mac computers are nice... I'm love it, they have great Operating System and have a great hardware too... Love it so much :D

It may be a litle expensive, but when we see their hardware, and we see the features from their Operating system, there are no headache and foolish problems, and there are so much fun when using mac computers, and do many creative things using iLife.... I Can say, it's worth every cent to buying Mac computers.