Surrogates, a review from me

Hello all, I'm back again :D and here's my quick and dirty review after watching this movie....
I'm trying to be honest about this movie, and because I'm trying to be honest, I Hope nobody angry at me teehee.... :D

Okay, first of all, I'm not gonna spoil anything about the storyline in this review, and the reason to make this review in my blog as fast as I can is just because I want all people read about this movie in my blog while it's still fresh and warm (still hot I Hope).

The reason that make me want to watch this movie is because of Bruce Willis appearance as main protagonist nothing else, and because of the unique theme in this movie, I'm planning to watching this movie... but before I'm going too far, have you see Die hard 4.0 / Live Free or Die Harder before? If you have, you'll have a dejavu feeling when you see the trailer and the whole movie.

When you saw Die Hard 4.0 as a trailer and whole movie, you'll saw the difference between the trailer and whole movie and get to a conclussion, the trailer is making you a high expectations about the whole movie, and when you watching the movie, you don't see your expectations in the whole movie.

I'm expecting a great plot in this movie, and I hope Surrogates can be more dramatically and intense as one of my favourite movie, the I-Robots, because they have share some common idea, but after seeing this movie... I'm just dissapointed because what I see is only another remake and some change from I-Robots....

The main idea of I-robots is about how the creator of robots revoution can make a change in human history, and the efforts from the creator of the robots to make the world change after the revolution that the creator changed before into a new way of what should be done by using several plot and plan, and the main protagonist accidentally involved in the plan.

Surrogates, just like I-Robots have the same themes, although the use of robots in both movie are differents and the ending isn't have a same way as a solution, but they have a same meaning from my oppinion.

This movie is begin with a case of murder of someone special that can be a beginning of an investigation about conspiracy of a big company and FBI, and then as we see at trailer, the main protagonist will saving the humanity of human without using a surrogate robots.

This movie will make you boring, but not because the movie is a bad movie, but because it tailored to make you boring, and I thing this happened because the main protagonist are trapped in a condition of boring life because of addictive use of surrogate robots, I think if Bruce Willis not doing good on his role in this movie as good as he can, we can't enjoy this movie lol.....

This is not a great movie, but it isn't a bad movie either.... I think as a scinece fiction movie, they don't push it with maximum effort to make it at maximum capacity, why I say that? because I think the theme used in this movie have a great potential to be presented better, but I don't see something special in this movie, and in my opinion I Robots are much better than this movie....

What's your oppinion about this movie? is it worth to collect this movie in DVD or Blu-Ray? Please share your oppinion!