Doctoral Scholars Program (S3) the Ford Foundation

THE KOREAN Scholar Dissertation AWARD

Scholarship is sponsored by the Ford Foundation and aims to support and reward program Doctoral student (S3) in the research proposal can be considered to contribute to progress through the innovative thinking, visionary, and a significant impact on the development and progress of the Indonesian people and the Indonesia front.

Scholarships are provided for candidates who can lead the nation carefully identify and formulate serious problems faced by this nation, and offers practical and innovative solutions through its research-S3. Nilai tambah akan diberikan kepada penelitian yang dapat menerapkan pendekatan multi- atau antardisiplin. Added value will be given to research that can apply the approach to multi-or antardisiplin.

Scholarships will be awarded in the form of funds for dissertation research and writing as part of the terms of the settlement of the study S3 (including the collection and data processing). Scholarship is open to Doctoral candidate from any field of study with brilliant academic achievements of the research proposal is approved by the promoter and / or the universities.


Each scholarship applicant must meet the following requirements:

-->Indonesian citizen and living in Indonesia

-->Registered as students in the universities in Indonesia in the Doctoral program (S3)

-->Have passed all the compulsory subjects and have been adopted to meet all academic requirements to be able to start a research program on the S3

-->Will start doing research or doing research on the program S3

-->Has been through a test of research proposals and the official approval to begin research from the universities and the Promotor or examiner


Download the registration form through this link:

Registration Form - The English Scholar Dissertation Award

File a registration has been completed must be received by the IIEF at the latest by 31 JULI 2009 (to be important not postmark) and must list the code: ISDA on upper left corner of the envelope.

Registration file can be sent or delivered directly to the address:

IIEF – The Indonesian International Education Foundation IIEF - The Indonesian International Education Foundation
Menara Imperium Lt. Menara Imperium Lt. 28, Suite B 28, Suite B
Jl. Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 1, Jakarta 12980 HR Rasuna Said Kav 1, Jakarta 12980

For more information, can contact in the IIEF

Telp: 021-8317330, fax: 021-8317331, email: Tel: 021-8317330, fax: 021-8317331, email: