Corporate Social Responsbility Is an important agenda for business sustainability

Today many people seeing and take more attention to our social and ethical problems in our planet, and more and more people became more awareness to their consumption pattern, and they only wanted to buying from supplier that have fair trade will and green products.

Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) it's not just a fancy things or something that can make a company name, brand, or marketing tools for increasing their value, but CSR is an action that must've been done and take for company sustainability as an effect from more aware and cautious customers.

The document that embeded in this article (created in Indonesian language) summarized the data for demand of CSR action from customers, and several arguments that CSR is more than marketing tools or something that can increase brand equity. Today... CSR is a part of business process.... and as a part of business process, it will affect in business sustainability for surviving the competition.

My argument can be read in this document below :

Corporate Social Responsbility

Portfolio Management Indostock Report

My research about portfolio efficiency is over, and this is the result

The original document (writen in Indonesian language) can be viewed at this one:

Indostock Portfolio Report

Home, Movie Review

Movie Review
Home "This movie reminds us all, it's time we as humans care will the balance of nature that existed long before the presence of mankind, a film that makes us love our Earth .... The house of ours together "

Film Data
Film Title: Home
Genre: Documentary
Director: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Producer: Luc Besson, Dennis Carot Scenario
Writer: Isabelle Delannoy, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Denis Carot, Yen Le Van.
Studio Production: Elzevier Films, Corp. Europe., France 2
Distributor: Arte Cinema, SPI International, Shaw Organization, Europa Fimes, Feelgood Entertainment, France 2 (FR2), Hollywood Classic Entertainment, Lark Films Distribution, MEED Films, National Geographic Channel, Twentieth Century Fox, YouTube.
Language: English, France, Russian, Spanish, Germany
Duration: Various, USA 118 min, Portugal 114 min, 120 min Long Version
Release Date: Simultaneously throughout the world on June 5, 2009 (World Environment Day)

Other Data
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Sound Mix: Dolby Digital, DTS.
Unique Fact: The film, financed by the PPR (parent company of Gucci, Redcats, FNAC, Conforama, CFAO, Puma, etc.) with a non-profit purposes.
Tagline: A Stunning Visual Portrayal of Earth

Main Cast: Glenn Close (Narrator, English)


In the year to 200,000 of human existence on earth, human existence have made the chaos and anger in the balance of the planet Earth which requires four billion years of evolution to be balanced. Price which must be paid for this damage is very expensive, but it's too late to be pessimistic, humans have ten years to change the trend is happening right now, become more sensitive to what happens in exploitation of natural wealth, and changing consumption patterns. This film brought us all unique scenes from fifty countries, all shown from the air, by sharing with us about the desire and concern for his own, from the film, Yann Arthus-Bertrands provide fundamental ideas that make us appreciate what we see, and while appreciated, together we build again. Trailer Full movie trailer and on channel:

My Review
Do not imagine this film as a boring movie and is a film that can bring you the success of sleep asleep when you walk in the video stores and find the dvd of this movie, because this movie is one of the best documentaries available and capable makes you fascinated with the visual quality and the messages contained therein. Mostly the film is trying to remind us of how human is a species that is only 200,000 years old and managed to damage within 10 years will destroy all life earth, which has struggled to blend into one in the relationship mutual benefit for four billion years. Some of these films facts show how humans as a species of thought take advantage of 4 billion years of the formation of the earth and how in humans 200,000 years the earth brought to the brink destruction.

One of the interesting things from this film is not a movie film made the interests of profit, this film's success is measured by how many people who watch this movie and change their consumption patterns. So this movie can be downloaded freely on the internet, copied, and watched through Youtube legally. I myself get this film from My colleague who is chairman of one of the non-governmental organizations, Initially when I received the DVD of this movie I thought that this film will boring as any other documentary films, as well as to to confess, I just watched this movie three months after I received DVD is and how much I regret not watching this movie earlier. As casual film lovers in general, not a documentary film is something interesting in my life. But this movie makes me wonder visual quality, all parts of this film was recorded over the air very well, and after watching the DVD version of it, I download version of High Definition for playback in High Definition television. Music of the film is also very dramatic, the narrative of this film which contains data how humans destroy the earth, accompanied with scenes that are presented with music that matches the theme is presented, and his music could actually make the data that you can actually read dikoran or the Internet becomes the fact that you can not ignore and you hold full. Is remarkable this film is the story line, how the natural resources which has created 4 billion years of earth's formation out quickly because people demand more speed and more than what is already accepted at this time. Taking this film is also taken more than 50 countries, and also and shows that our earth is a unity, and responsibility for our actions can not be limited by boundaries terotorial because we demand action processed products, fresh vegetable imports contribute to the drying up of the Jordan, and still many other examples. The final part of this film gives us the facts that if humans continue to like this and maintain their consumption patterns in order to provide opportunities for multinational companies to continue to exploit nature, then in a shorter time our earth will not be a house that could gives us a chance to survive. And because of our earth not been home to humans only, then it's time for people to keep their own homes with regular lives and maintain their consumption patterns, something done by other species over 4 billion years and maintain order on earth, if other species can live well for it, why humans only bring in 200,000 years in the destruction of our earth? Something interesting enough for us to make reflections and can add our knowledge that what we are doing our environment, affect other parts of the earth, because we live in a house same .... Planet Earth .... The film is very good for you to watch together with family.

As a whole the visuals are incredible, the music is brilliant, and data-the latest data about the environment, is a film that could you enjoy with family and also can be used to teach ourselves and our family members that became the responsibility the actions of yourself is important and not the result of actions responsibility can be accepted by yourself, the environment and other people in the foreseeable future.

This document originaly typed in Indonesian, translated with Google Translate

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