Corporate Social Responsbility Is an important agenda for business sustainability

Today many people seeing and take more attention to our social and ethical problems in our planet, and more and more people became more awareness to their consumption pattern, and they only wanted to buying from supplier that have fair trade will and green products.

Corporate Social Responsbility (CSR) it's not just a fancy things or something that can make a company name, brand, or marketing tools for increasing their value, but CSR is an action that must've been done and take for company sustainability as an effect from more aware and cautious customers.

The document that embeded in this article (created in Indonesian language) summarized the data for demand of CSR action from customers, and several arguments that CSR is more than marketing tools or something that can increase brand equity. Today... CSR is a part of business process.... and as a part of business process, it will affect in business sustainability for surviving the competition.

My argument can be read in this document below :

Corporate Social Responsbility