What's new in Snow Leopard

The new upgrade from Apple for intel based machine Macintosh Computer, the upgrade is known as Snow Leopard or Mac Os X 10.6

The upgrade can boost your intel based Mac up to 1.5x. Snow Leopard have new features like Grand Central Dispatch, 64 Bit computing arcitechture, and Open CL.

Grand Central Dispatch

This technology can improve their process from multi-core processors in the latest intel processor like intel core 2 duo series. This feature can break down the process from all programs to make use all core in their machine to make the program running faster and optimal.

64 Bit technology
It can be used to detect your RAM up to 16 million Gigabytes RAM, and all core application in Mac OSX are re-written in 64bit platform so it can be running faster. Looks like Apple not just adding 64 bit for the labels or branding only, but change the whole computing experience.

Open CL
In past day ago... your graphich card only improve the graphic processing apps or 3D apps, but in Snow Leopard, the new Open CL technology will be improving the whole systems from their GUI graphic performance.... So if you have more fastest graphich card, it will be improving the graphic processing in whole systems.

If you have Intel based Mac and not yet upgrading to Snow Leopard, you MUST update now :D