Diabetes Melitus

Symptoms and Conditions diabetes mellitus patients

The second leg cramps and often feel a tingling, sometimes the vision began to feel less well and was a blur, which Defecation and urination than usual but also the patient's condition was never nausea and vomiting.

Patients feel the body was felt feverish, sometimes feel diruangan temperature gets hot, sometimes cold.

Headache, body feels less comfortable, the heart beats faster

One cause of this disease is the lack of dietary control, smoking, lack of exercise, and others.

With patient data remains secret, and used as a reference daat learning and discussion, and if you want to be the reference treatment please consult your nearest doctor.

Here is a patient data:

Age: 54 years

Gender: Male

Address: Banjar Asri

MRS Date: July 30, 2009

Disease History Today:

The patient came to the emergency room with complaints

The wound on the right leg since 2 months before

MRS, festering wounds, pain and

increasingly emerged as a boil membesar.Awalnya

that grew larger and itching and

solved solely by the patient. The patient was treated for injuries to the general practitioner.

Patients not allergic to the medicine and food



KU: Fair

Awareness: Compos mentis

Signs - vital signs:

Blood pressure: 110/70 mmHg,

lay, his right arm

Nadi: 85 x / min, strong, regular

Temperature: 36.5 ° c (Axiller)

RR: 18 x / min

BB / TB: 61 kg / 171 cm

Head and Neck:

Hair: Normal

Eyes: Anemia (+), Icterus (-), Cataract (-)

Nose: Dyspneu (-)

Mouth: Cyanosis (-)

Ears: Secret (-)

Neck: Enlargement kel.Getah Bening (-)

Enlargement Kel.Tiroid (-)


Inspection: symmetrical form

Palpation: symmetrical right and left

Percussion: resonant right and left

Auscultation: Cor: S1 S2 regular single

Pulmo: rh - / -; wh - / --


Inspection: Supel

Auscultation: normal intestinal Noisy

Palpation: Undulasi (-), Tenderness (-)

The liver and the lien is not palpable

Percussion: Tympani (+), meteorismus (-)




Superior: (-/-) ulcers, Oedem (-/-)

Inferior: (+/-) ulcers, Oedem (+/-)

there is pus and blood, granulation tissue (+)


Date 30/7/09:

GDA: 267 mg / dl

BUN: 17.2 mg / dl

Creatinin: 0.9 mg / dl

WBC: 23.6 / mm

HB: 6.9 g / dl

HCT: 19.5%

PLT: 394,000 k / ul

Date 31/7/09:

Urat acid: 3.3 mg / dl

Cholesterol: 137 mg / dl

Triglycerides: 115 mg / dl

Albumin: 2.6

Globulin: 2.9

AST: 24

ALT: 19

Date 1/8/09:

GDA: 77 mg / dl

BUN: 18.6 mg / dl

SK: 1.0

Date 1/8/09:

GDA: 103 mg / dl


Planning Diagnosis:

The right photograph Pedis

Treatment Planning:

Infusion RL 20 gtt / min

INJ. Ciprofloxacin 2 x 1 g

Inj.Metronidazole 3 x 1 g (IV)

Inj.Antalgin 3 x 1 (IV)

INJ. Ranitidine 2 x 1 amp

PRC transfusion 1 Kolf / day s / d HB ≥ 10 mg / dl

G 2100 calorie diet

Treat Injury

Planning Monitoring:

Signs - vital signs

Planning Education:

G 2100 calorie diet

Injury Treatment

Is gangrene?

Gangrene is a disease that occurs because the blood supply is cut off, causing the cell death

Gangrene may also occur due to surgical and trauma wounds


15-25% of diabetics will suffer from ulcers / gangrene

Diabetes is the leading cause of amputation in the case nontraumatik (8 out of 10)

Morbidity and mortality

Reamputasi ipsilateral 8-22%, 26-44% contralateral

13-40% mortality at 1 year, 35-65% at 3 years, 39-80% in 5 years

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