Quantum of Solace reviewed by me

The Bond Franchise was given a good kick up the behind with the release of 2006's Casino Royale. What is commonly termed as a 'reboot' and (featuring Daniel Craig as new James Bond) should definitely be applied as they stripped away the stupid, far-fetched gadgets and cheddar-laden one liners for a raw and gutsy iteration. Bringin us an MI6 agent that gets battered and bruised, is shot and injured from dangerous strugle to save the world.

It might have set box office, but the latest James Bond adventure, Quantum of Solace, has five factual and continuity errors, critics have claimed so far.
The film, starring Daniel Craig as the British spy, is the 22nd Bond-based adventure and costs 100 million pounds, based on reports from The Telegraph.

1. In a chase scene in the movie where Bond is driving his Aston Martin and is being pursued by an Alfa Romeo. One car in the scene is shown with Italian plates with a Vauxhall Corsa badge and in Italy all Vauxhalls are rebadged as Opels.

2. Another flaw occurs on the registration plates for the Austrian vehicles-they had the prefix code in the incorrect place.

3.One can see a similar mistake in a scene where Bond, apparently became a qualified pilot, surprisingly he can reads out the registration number of a plane as Golf Zero, instead of Golf Oscar.

3.Bond's wristwatch can bee seen in two different positions in the same shot, once with the face turned to the outside and once facing to the inside.

4.There's one scene in the hotel room, in which the sign on the door is written in a mixture of French and English, and it should've been in grammatically correct French.

5. And finally, the blunder occurs when Bond arrives in the South American city of La Paz where the temperature is shown to be 46 degrees Fahrenheit (a chilly 7.8 degrees Celsius), which is quite unusual for the place, I think this is the reason why all the actors don't look sweaty in the place like that

But still Quantum of Solace is one of the best Bond movies.... I watch it almost every night until now.....