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CCTV Recording of Bomb Blast Jakarta at Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot Hotel

Here is recording of Bomb Blast Jakarta at Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot Hotel the video is came from local TV news

Windows 7 launch potential boon to McAfee, Symantec

Windows 7 launch potential boon to McAfee, Symantec
Posted: July 16, 2009, 2:22 PM by David Pett
Technology, Microsoft, Windows 7, McAfee, Symantec

With Microsoft Corp.s new Windows 7 operating system is set to hit store shelves in October, PC-related stocks are ready to bounce. Perhaps no one stands to gain more than computer security software companies, McAfee Inc. and Symantec Corp., says Deutsche Bank analyst Todd Baker.

"Operating system launches historically have had a positive impact on the entire PC value chain.

"Both McAfee and Symantec have historically outperformed the S&P around new OS launches by 40% and 26% respectively. With P/E multiples below historical averages and multiple expansion around prior OS launches, we expect the stocks to outperform near term."

Looking back at previous OS launches, Mr. Baker determined that shares in MacAfee outperformed the S&P 500 by 40% in the four months prior to launch, and outperformed the U.S. benchmark by 4% in the three months after launch. Symantec, meanwhile, outperformed by 26% four months prior to launch, but underperformed the S&P 500 by 3% in the three months post launch. Microsoft, for its part, tends to outperform pre-launch and underperform post-launch.

A current price/earnings ratio of 15.7x compared to the historical average of 20.4x and 23.2x witnessed 4 months prior to past OS launches, positions McAfee as one of the bigger beneficiaries of Windows 7, the analyst said, reiterating his BUY recommendation and $45 price target on the shares.

He is also encouraged by McAfees exposure to consumer revenue, which makes up 38% of its total sales, and its increased distribution reach – up 100% year-over-year – through partnerships with new operating equipment makers (OEMs).

"It could help during the hardware refresh cycle that accompanies the OS launch," he wrote.

Symantec, rated BUY with a $19 price target, is also expected to benefit from increased PC shipments that accompany the OS launch despite being less exposed on consumer security revenue.

"With valuation of 9.5x P/E, Symantec shares are significantly below the average of the historical trading range of 15.7x and 16x seen 4 months prior to past OS launches," Mr. Baker told clients.

"We expect multiples to expand to historical range as street becomes confident about improved execution and Windows 7 positively impacts end user demand."

David Pett

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All Finance Management Book

I love Financial worlds.... Currently learning about fundamental and technical analysis....this all some book I read every time when I've chance.... Have a good time with all of them :)

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Maximized my Blackberry Curve 8320

Hello all!!!
Currently I'm using Blackberry Curve 8320 as my favorite organizer and I think this is my ultimate mobile companion..... The curve 8320 is not the newest model for Blackberry Curve family, but for value user like me, this berry is worthed for every penny.... I love this berry....

There are some aspects ehy I love this gadget so much :

1. I'm using it for RSS reading
Currently I'm read all rss feed using Viigo... Some tips from me, don't do multitasking activity when u using viigo.... Please disabled minimize on exit features to make sure your curve 8320 didn't crash.... But overall... This Viigo apps is very good RSS readers.

2. Internet Messengger
It's a good handset.... Currently I'm using 4 IM apps, they are Blackberry Messengger, Yahoo, Live, and Google Talks.... It's very convinient and easy to stay contact with friends....

3. Push E-Mail
Currently I'm using various webmail for different purpose in each address.... I'm using two yahoo mail, two google mail, and one hotmail account....

4 Social Networking
Facebook through Facebook app, Twitter through uberTwitter, and Friendster frow web browser.... It's very easy to stay connected with my friends using social networking sevices....

5 Phone, Sms, and data
Yup... Like other standard phone services....

6. Music and Video
Just my oppinion... I've abandoned my iPod Touch and Walkman and using my Curve 8320 to listening music..... And the quality is good as good two other gadget I've mentioned before.....

7. Fun Photograph
Using the built in camera and upload the pics to Facebook....

8. Wikipedia, Google Maps, Google Readers, and Google search engine
It's clear.... This gadget is powerfull for information research....

9. Personal Information Management
Calendar, Task Manager, notes management and Contact Management Systems.... I love the integration and sync features to Microsoft Outlook.... It works as good as my old Windows Mobile....

10. Mobile Banking
It's clear :D

11. Mobile Forum Community
I'm using the mobile Kaskus, sometimes for buying some stuff, sometimes for just post in a thread.... Currently waiting for mobile version of Video Games Indonesia Forum....

12. Blogging
Yup... This post is one of my post from my berry :)

13. It fit in my hand well
I've big palm... And It's fit nicely in my hand....

With all of features that I've mentioned above.... The Price is so cheap.... I bought this Berry about $390 in March 2009.... (Today u can get it at $250) you don't need higher type If u are the type who think the value is priority....

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Financial Statement Analysis

I'm currently working to doing some analysis in wholesale industry using data from Indonesia Capital Market Directory 2007 and Indonesia Capital Market Directory 2008.

Firstly, the information contained in ICMD 2007 and 2008 captured all sumarized information from financial report and to make analysis more easier they added several important ratio....

Currently I'm using Microsoft Excel to count and sumarized required information from wholesale industry.

Phase 1:

I'm planned to do my research with several method that I'm think it's necessary:

1. Sumarized and convert all data from all company in Wholesale industry in ICM 2008 and 2007.

2. Compare the main company in this paper (TKGA) and compare this company financial ratio to average financial ratio.... And searching the correlation within TKGA financial summarize.

3. Benchmarking the financial ratio of TKGA vs more than 20 company in same industry. And analyzed why the ratio not in good shape....

4. For each ratio in TKGA will be analyzed why (if available) the ratio not representing good performance....

5. Analyzed the assets and the correlation of clossing price.... And other aspects like sales, etc....

Phase 2

After using data from ICMD I'll analyze the complette financial report of TKGA....

The analyzed factors in financial report will be:

1. Subsdiaries

2. Correlation and effects of the child company to parrent company that can be seen in comparizon of consolidated financial statement and child company details....

3. Analysis of hedging, and other financing activity....

I hope this can be done in 4 days.... After I've finishing this paper I'll upload the paper and post the link here....

I'm using my blog just for reminder..... Currently I can't slept right now... And I'm using my berries to post this blog... As a reminder for what I'm gonna do... Since I've only doing so far 10% from first phase....

Wish me luck....

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This is test blog

Currently want to test the post feature from email.... I'm sending email from my Blackberry... And want to see how it works.... If it's work then us bloggers should say thank you to GOOGLE cause they make our blogging activities easy and convinient...
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