Want to play your media files from your Mac? alternative solution, and this is not Apple TV,this is Playstation 3 :D

If you want to stream your media files like your musics, videos, or photos from your Mac(s) and still thinking is Apple TV worth to buy? maybe you should use your Playstation 3 (or buying it because it's more cheaper than 40Gigs Apple TV and have a blu-Ray Drive and can play games)....

There are many solution, you can buy $20 application that worthed to buy to make your Apple as a dlna capable machine. The applications is called MediaLink.

Or you can use this Java free Application that can be downloaded here at this url : Download Here

Of course both of the apps have a plus or minus, but both of them are already easy for use (and the $20 are more easier to use, the trial only can be use for streaming for 30 minutes).

Enjoy your files in your Playstation 3 machine.... Use it while Apple TV price drops more :D