iPod Shuffle 3G

well, after reading some articles about iPod Shuffle 3G, and as a fan
of this latest and tiniest ipod until this day, I'm feeling obligated
to write my personal opinnion about this ipod.
okay the idea to create an ipod without any button to control your
music seems to be bad for some people, but when you buying this one,
you need to understand that this ipod are designed to easily operated
when you're using your ipod when doing something else like sleeping,
jogging, or anything that not needing your attention n seeing any
display or searching your pocket to change your current track.
thanks for voice over that can make multiple playlist are posible jn
this latest ipod, because you're not gonna change your playlist, and
there are button to change track like oldest ipod shuffle, then you
cAn save your time for choosing the right playlist rather than
clicking next until the right track appears.
The apple earbud are available and it's have the remote control for
controlling your music content in this ipod, well... if you using
another headset, you still can use this ipod for listening the music,
but you'll lose your control for this ipod.
but when you're using your ipod as your friend when riding, driving,
jogging, or any place with dangerous posibility.... who needs a deAf
high quality earbud?
the controll scheme are good to, you can do all things in other ipod
for controlling in this new shuffle, it's a good gadget if you know
what you needed.

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