Take care your money... Just for your country's sake

When waiting to changes my money currency queues... I heard some random woman (lol... :D ) talking to her friend.... She said "who decide why we can't use untidy US Dollars"???

We use that money, we take it everywhere in our wallet... It's make sense that the money can't be seen like new and fresh money.... And the customer service just answer "we just follow the rule from the Bank"

Lolwut.... I just think, people in Indonesia don't know how to take care their money... In Indonesia we just flip our money, use it for notes, and other damaging activities...

Just remembered the information I heard from my lecturer, our central bank destroyed billions of damaged rupiah for each year... I don't know its true or not, but if we take care our money just like other currency money, or just like people who live in another country who can respectively and give a good care of their money, we can make a lot contribution for saving our country from defisit....

When Indonesian people sadly says to themselves why our currency exchange is low to other currency.... Before blaming to economic factor and other things.... Just think for yourself... Have you give a proper care for your money?


Just my opinion...

Thank u


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